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Quickly write all of the copy you need for any landing page you create for your funnels...

Use our 90% done-for-you landing page copy templates to write conversion-focused copy for a multitude of different types of funnels you could create.

❌ No more dreaded blank Google Doc
❌ No more hitting “publish” on something you’re embarrassed to share
❌ No more overwhelm with how to find the perfect words
❌ No more writing for weeks and months


📝 7 Conversion-Focused Landing Page Copy Templates

These section-by-section plug and play templates tell you exactly what to say, in what order and give you examples so you never have to feel the dreaded copy overwhelm ever again!

You'll get access to copy templates for:

  • Webinar Registration Page
  • Webinar Confirmation Page
  • Webinar Replay Page
  • Freebie Opt-In Page
  • Tripwire Sales Page
  • Waitlist Page
  • Challenge Registration Page

A $200 value for only $37

This is a digital product. Nothing physical will ship.

These templates are included inside of the Landing Page Copy Vault, so if you own that program, you already have access to these templates.

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Due to the digital nature of the product, we do not offer refunds. If you have any issues with your purchase, please reach out to us at so we can help you out.

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Landing Page Copy Template Bundle
Landing Page Copy Template Bundle

"If you're looking to save time, avoid tech nightmares and have your funnel pages look gorgeous for way less than it would be hiring a designer than the Launch in Style templates will be a life saver for your online business."


"Get off the fence and do it. Everyone who looks at my page is blown away by how good it looks. If you're a perfectionist who cares a lot about design, you'll spend WAY too long doing it yourself. Let a pro handle it like Amanda, and focus on the one million other things you have to do!"


"Do it! I thought about it for months, wasted so much time trying to copy other sales page layouts I'd seen. I bought the whole package including the canva templates and it's taken a huge weight off my shoulders."


"I highly recommend the Launch in Style Templates for anyone who has a product or service to get out into the world that they want to create quickly and without spending a bajillion dollars on custom design!"


"Do it!!! I'm a mum of 3 (5 and under), running my business AND doing all the things. This template literally bought back my time and started making me sales quicker. I'm in love!"